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Sergio Kuraitis – a lifelong passion for good design

From the marketplaces of Argentina to the inspiring passion of Italian craftsmanship, to the home of high quality design in Denmark – the evolution of a beautiful product continues to be Sergio Kuraitis’ life’s work.

I was born in Buenos Aires, a feverish mega city where foreign modernism met native traditions. As a child I was drawn to nature and creative activities and I liked to spend time in my grandfather’s cabinetmaking workshop. In my adolescence I could be found building strange gadgets in an improvised laboratory at my parents’ house. My interest in how things worked led me to study design at university and throughout my life I have continued to explore and innovate design solutions in my work as a craftsman.

In the beginning I sold my products at small weekend markets in Argentina. After moving to Italy with my family, I worked hard to pursue my passion and further develop my craft into a business while also working full time. In our small apartment I experimented with different materials, deciding to focus on the use of leather as it offered many possibilities – it was also a very traditional and popular material in Italy.

With the help of my family, we started to sell our products in a market and moved into a bigger house where I built a laboratory in the garage so that I could experiment and continue to refine my methods.

Fuelled by new ideas and a passion for constant improvement, I began to work with natural leather, producing a more unique and individual product which attracted many more clients and allowed me to participate in international markets.

When our children were ready to start college, we moved to Denmark, choosing it for its stability and the possibilities to build a future for us all, including the further growth of my craft. Now I have my own personal style, with a professional workshop and I sell at high quality craft markets as well as through my webshop.

At every stage of my journey, I have had the support of my family who have helped me to grow a business of which we can all be proud.

Continuous improvement and a commitment to quality

Design is my passion and I feel happiest when I am creating a new product to satisfy some special need, often things for my own personal use. I manage the whole process, from the initial idea through to the sale, including the production of prototypes for testing, experimenting with materials and techniques of manufacture, client testing and redesigns, before reaching the final product. I have always been inspired by the Japanese ‘Kaizen’ principle of continuous improvement, which I try to apply in everything I do.

I mainly work with natural leather and combine it with other natural materials like wool, wood and cork. I also use water-based adhesives that are non-toxic and I only use synthetic materials when it is absolutely necessary. I am currently researching new organic materials that, over time will offer an alternative to natural leather.

My clients are all over the world, from those buying at markets here in Denmark to people shopping online from their homes across North America, the UK, Central Europe, Scandinavia, and as far away as Asia and Australia.

I am always proud to hear from people who have had one of my products for many years and they tell me how pleased they are with the quality that has lasted beyond their expectations. I take enormous pleasure in hearing the heartfelt appreciation from my online customers once they are holding one of my products in their hands – it fills me with joy to know that they will carry it with pride.

I have been a craftsman all my life and every piece that I create is inspired by my journey of discovery as a designer. My collection not only exemplifies enduring quality and meticulous design, it represents my life’s work.

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